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StonePro Starter Kit Professional

Quick Overview

  • Stone Restoration is a GREAT add-on for Window Cleaners.
  • Removes Hard Water and other stains from Granite Countertops and similar surfaces
  • Handle accomodates vertical and horizontal surfaces, making it ideal for both vertical glass and stone countertops.
  • The perfect daily cleaner for polished stone and tile surfaces
  • Easy and safe to Use

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StonePro Starter Kit Professional

Stone Restoration Starter Kit

Ready to delve into stone restoration? Our comprehensive Stone Restoration Starter Kit equips you with everything you need to start revitalizing various stone surfaces. This kit is thoughtfully assembled with top-tier tools and cleaning solutions, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness in your restoration projects.

Kit Includes:

  • Polisher: Next-generation lightweight (5 lbs), durable variable speed polisher. Experience ease of use with a new top switch for quick start-up/shut-off, an innovative backer release button for wrench-free backer changes, and a speed range of 700-3000 RPM.
  • Variable Speed Polisher with 5" Hook and Loop Backer Pad Adaptor: Compatible with Velcro and hook & loop systems, this polisher is perfect for challenging hard water removal on windows, windshields, and shower doors. The top-positioned on-off switch and adjustable speed dial enhance usability and control.
  • Comprehensive Polishing Pads: Includes a set of 5in polishing pads of various types  for versatility across different applications, whether you're dealing with granite countertops or glass surfaces.
  • Specialized Cleaning Solutions:
    • Natural Touch - Etch Remover: Specifically formulated to repair and restore damaged marble surfaces, this mild acidic powder re-polishes etched areas effectively.
    • Stone Scrub and Crystal Clean Solutions: Deep clean and maintain stone surfaces with these professional-grade cleaners designed to remove hard water build-up, grout haze, and general soil.
    • Finishing Touch Spray and Ultimate Pro Sealer: Protect and seal your stone surfaces for a lasting finish and enhanced durability.
  • Professional Microfiber Towels: Highly absorbent and lint-free, perfect for both dry and wet cleaning applications on glass, stone, and other hard surfaces.

Benefits of Using This Kit:

  • Efficient and Versatile: Equipped with a multi-functional polisher and a full range of accessories, tackle any stone restoration job with confidence.
  • Safety and Comfort: The ergonomic design of the polisher accommodates both vertical and horizontal applications, reducing strain and enhancing comfort.
  • High-Quality Results: From hard water removal to surface polishing, achieve professional-quality results every time.

This Stone Restoration Starter Kit is designed for both novices and professionals looking to enhance the appearance and longevity of their stone installations. With everything you need included in one convenient package, you can start your restoration projects right away with the assurance of achieving excellent results.

  • Available in 120V.
  • On-Off Switch on top.
  • Quick release button enables easy backer change out. Switch from 5" to 7" without a wrench.
  • Polisher handle accommodates vertical and horizontal surfaces, making it ideal for both vertical glass and stone countertops.
  • Removes hard water from granite countertops and similar surfaces
  • Variable Speed. 700 - 2800 RPM
  • Continuous Drive. Apply pressure and it keeps rotating.
  • Bail Handle allows workability on vertical surfaces
  • Heat resistant plastic cover on spindle head allows holding the tool over the drive mechanism. Other tools are metal and heat up.


  • Variable Speed Polishing Tool
  • 5" Backing Plate
  • Bail Handle
  • Side Handle
  • Extra Bushings


    • This product works great on: Glass, all Natural Stone surfaces, ceramic and porcelain tile, and plumbing fixtures A unique cleaning formulation designed to deep clean and remove build up and water deposits.

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This Kit includes the items below:

26-97 - Pad Round 5in Boar Hair (Qty:1)
81-118 - Stone Scrub Quart StonePro (Qty:1)
26-891 - Pad Liquid Polishing 5in Nylon (Qty:1)

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