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90ft Waterfed Pole in Action

How tall can you go? 

Ever wondered how far a water fed pole may reach? Or how far up people are really cleaning?

J.Racenstein went out to Illinois one day in October to put poles in the hands of users and have them find out for themselves. Here in these photos Steve Blyth and Doug Apt demonstrated a variety of different water fed poles from 25ft to an eventual 90ft on the stadium glass at Illinois State University. The longest pole they demonstrated was the 90ft Ultimate Carbon Kevlar by Gardiner. This pole comes with the base Kevlar/Carbon 46 foot pole and eight 5.5ft extensions. This configuration allowed the test subjects to clean the glass at 90ft high. Gardiner poles have ultimate rigidity and offer significant ease of use with several people using the pole at 90 feet in the air. The use of water fed poles at any height needs the proper planning and site safety. Obstacles both on and off the building may interfere with the use of a water fed pole. Review the IWCA Waterfed Pole Safety Presentation for more info: http://www.jracenstein.com/store/docs/IWCA-WFPSafetyModulePresentation_sm.pdf