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Carbon vs SS Blades

Which Scraper Blade Should I Use When? 

Not all scraping jobs are the same, and neither are all scrapers. Here’s how to know what to use when:

The .15mm stainless steel is the original Triumph blade, which is more flexible in the scraper. This is handy for many tasks – like removing stickers, paint speckles, hard water spots, etc. – but not as much for others. These blades are also a bit more prone to having corners broken when they run into something on the surface.

A few years ago, JBF – manufacturer of the Triumph brand blades – was asked to create a .20 mm stainless steel blade in order to provide similar strength to carbon blades, which are also .20 mm. The .20 mm stainless steel blades have no flex to them and are truly a work horse. The thicker blades provide more toughness without having the corners chip off.

For construction cleanup, however, the blade of choice should be carbon. It’s a better grade of steel and will stay sharper longer during the day. However, carbon will typically rust after one use, but with post-construction work it’s not a problem because you’ll got through plenty of blades on a single job.

Just as not all blades are the same, neither are all blade manufacturers. 

JBF – manufacturer of the Triumph blade – has advanced blade-making technology to create a purely perfect blade..

Just as not all blades are the same, neither are all blade manufacturers.