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Gardiner 3 in 1 Pole system

With a few simple twists of the wrist, your Gardiner #10 pole extensions can easily be transformed into three types of cleaning poles, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient solution for cleaning high-level areas safely from the ground.

By easily adding the correct adapters, your Gardiner pole and #10 extensions can quickly be converted into three distinct poles:

  • A water fed pole for glass
  • An exterior vacuum pole for gutters
  • An interior vacuum pole for high dusting

All three systems offer the quality, rigidity, flexibility, and reliability that has made Gardiner the top-selling pole in the UK and a favorite among our customers. Sturdy for many seasons of use. Not prone to cracking.

One pole, three services.

Maximize your investment, maximize your profits. That’s the J. Racenstein way!

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Water Fed Pole

The Gardiner Gooseneck Adapter for #10 section is the heart of your Gardiner Water Fed Pole. With its ligtweight carbon fiber construction, the Gooseneck can easily inserted for window cleaning, and removed for storage or to transition your pole for gutter cleaning or high interior dusting.

Kit Includes:
  • Garden Hose Quick Connectors
  • Adaptor GH Quick Connects
  • Gardiner 65 Ft hose
  • Gardiner Angle Adapter
  • Reach Around Acme
  • Gooseneck Adapter
  • Gardiner WFP Brush
  • Gardiner #10 Section

Available in 27, 38, & 49 ft.

Gutter Cleaning

Statistics show that around 500,000 Americans are treated for ladder-related injuries each year. As a window cleaner, you probably already recognize the value of being able to clean windows safely from the ground. 

These safety principles also apply to gutter cleaning, which can now be done using the same basic Gardiner WFP system you use on windows, with a few additional attachments. Now you have a convenient, economical, and most of all, safe gutter cleaning option.

Kit Includes:

Gardiner Sections

  • Turn Over Vacuum Heads
  • Vacuum Nozzles
  • Vacuum Cuffs

Available in 27, 38, & 49 ft

Interior High Dusting

The same basic Gardiner carbon fiber pole sections can also provide quick and easy interior vacuum cleaning capabilities. Simply switch out the end attachments, add to your favorite industrial-grade vacuum system, and point the attachments toward the area that needs to be cleaned. It’s an efficient and economical solutions for high dusting in retail stores, churches, hotels, warehouses, stadiums, or anywhere else that there are high ceilings in need of cleaning — all safely from the ground. No need to pull out the ladders or rent a lift.