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How to Assemble a Gardiner Water-Fed Pole

How to Assemble Your Gardiner Water-Fed Pole Brush Assembly

When you receive your Gardiner Pole, you'll also find a bag. Inside the bag you'll find the following:

  • A Brush
  • A Gooseneck Adapter
  • A small piece of orange tubing with a union

Here's how to set up your brush and pole

  1. If the tubes on the brush aren't connected, go ahead and connect them into the T
  2. Push the orange tubing up through the Gooseneck and then attach the top of the tubing to the T on the brush.
  3. Click the to of the Gooseneck Adapter into the hole in the brush.
  4. Run your hose through the Gardiner Water-Fed Pole and have it run out the top.
  5. Connect the hose to the brush assembly union. (It's a quick connect so it can easily be added or removed.)
  6. Push the hose inside the pole.
  7. Open your clamp, push into place, close the clamp.

Your brush is now installed. If you want to disconnect the brush when you're finished, simply undo the clamp, disconnect the connector, then you can carry your brush and pole separately. It's that easy!

Remember, we can also modify any brush that we carry fit the Gardiner pole!