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How to Change your Triumph Blades

How the Change a Blade Safely

Changing a blade is dangerous. But here are a few simple tips to change it safely. 

  1. Press the small safety lock and push it in.
  2. Pull out the blade holder/track from the opposite side.
  3. Remember to pinch the blade from the middle of the flat part and hold it to track. 
  4. Carefully reverse or replace the blade with the holes aligned to the pins. 
  5. Push the blade holder back in.

How to to use the dispensers.

  1. Break off the safety tab before first use.
  2. slide a blade out - the dispenser safely extends one blade at a time.
  3. Pull the blade out.
  4. Deposit used blades in the slot on the back of the dispenser, to ensure that no sharp blades are left lying around.