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How to Efficiently Use Clean and Shine for Sanitizing Windows

Your goal in the current COVID-19 world is to protect both your customers and your staff. Using the affordable and efficient Clean and Shine in your window cleaning mix can help add protection and peace of mind for both.

Even if you decide not to offer sanitizing as a new independent service, adding a bit of the EPA-approved Clean and Shine in your window cleaning bucket will help improve the cleanliness of the site and protect the safety and health for your customers and crews. Your customers can rest easy knowing team will not be the cleaning crew that transfers existing virus from one surface to another.

As with all sanitization products, Clean and Shine requires a dwell time (10 minutes) for it to fully sanitize. This is a challenge that all cleaning staff will face in a post Covid-19 economy. However, there are some easy ways to work efficiently while sanitizing the glass.

Here’s how:

  • Only provide thorough “sanitizing” services – including dwell time – to the windows that are in obvious areas of risk for touching, sneezing, or coughing. This means cleaning and sanitizing most or all interior windows, but not necessarily all outside windows.
  • Clean the rest of the windows as you normally would. Clean and Shine is an effective cleaner as well as an EPA-approved sanitizer. Keeping Clean and Shine in your bucket will not hurt your cleaning process, and adds some extra protection against germs even without the dwell time. It also helps ease your customer’s minds.
  • Don’t stand over each window and wait 10 minutes. You have a couple of options here. First, you can just mix Clean and Shine in a spray bottle, spray it on the windows, leave them wet, then go back and clean like you normally would. The other option is to use your strip washer and vigorously scrub all surfaces to be sanitized with dwell time.
  • After 10 minutes has passed from the time you sprayed/mopped the first window, go back to the first window and clean the windows as you normally would.

Clean and Shine is an extremely effective EPA-approved disinfectant. One gallon bottle makes 64 gallons of solution, so a little goes a long, long way, not only in cleaning, but also in providing peace of mind.