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How to Set Up Your Pro Tool Clever for Soft Washing

How to Set Up Your Pro Tool Clever for Soft Washing

The Protool Clever Softwash sprayer makes house washing simple! The Clever is a water-powered spraying system that perfectly mixes your chemicals at the rates you choose. This easy-to-use system eliminates the risk of under- or over-dosing chemicals.

The Clever is unique in the soft washing market because it combines portability with adjustable dosing. A lot of products on the market in the same price range are one-batch systems. Not the Clever.

Portability: You can easily fold the Clever up and place it in your vehicle. To set it up, simply take it out, set it upward, turn and handle outward, and engage the kickstand. Once it's set upright, engage your draw bucket, which holds up to 7 gallons of bleach. Strap the bucket in for safety. Then add your surfactant, such as Pro Tool Sticky. (One bottle of Sticky is the correct amount for your 7-gallon bucket.)

Dosing: The dosing system is fully adjustable from 25% down to 1%, and it does the mixing for you. It shows percent mixture and ratio mixture, so you can actually use many different chemicals and still be accurate in your mix.

Watch the video above for a walk-through on how to set up your system.