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How to Use a Foam Cannon When Washing Your Car

The Foam Cannon is designed to help create more bubbles when spraying down your car with a professional soap, like Wash Up or Shine Up. The surfactants used in carwash soaps reduce surface tension, which makes it easier for soap and water to mix together with air and produce thick suds. The advantage of suds is that they stick to the car, allowing the soap to stay on the car longer, giving it more time to loosen dirt and grime stuck on the car. The foam also lubricates the car’s surface, which can help prevent swirls if you choose to scrub your car by hand.

How to Use the Foam Cannon

  • Pour in the carwash soap that you want to use, then screw the cannon onto the end of the Wash Sprayer gun.
  • The soap and water mix at the nozzle.
  • Easily switch out the soap for more specialized areas, such as cleaning wheels. 


  • Creates luxurious foaming action for cleaning surfaces
  • 1 Liter Concentrate Bottle holds detergent used for foam creation
  • Quick Connect to the tip of the Wash Sprayer Trigger gun
  • Adjustable Rate allows the operator to adjust the amount of detergent to get just the right foaming and cleaning action
  • Great for Auto and Truck Washing, Building Cleaning, and Fences, Glass

The Foam Cannon is Included in the Trifecta Kit

Now you can wash your vehicle it quickly, easily, and spot-free, all at an amazingly affordable price. While each item can be purchased individually, you'll save by purchasing the Trifecta Kit, which includes all you need for the perfect at-home wash every time!

The Trifecta Kit Includes:

Unger Rinse & Go 

ProTool Wash Sprayer

ProTool Shine Up