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JRC Training Team Helps Students Reach New Heights

During one of our water fed pole safety training classes, the JRC team was brought in to clean the 89-foot-high glass at an Illinois stadium.

With no anchors above, it was unsafe to access the glass by rope descent. Pavers around the bottom meant that the closest location for a lift to safely park was in the lot 30 feet from the base and would require a 135-foot boom – quite a pricey option for only three rows of glass.

Our solution? Using the 46-foot Gardiner Ultimate – which comes with an HM Carbon Kevlar base, making it stiff enough to stay off the ledge – and eight #10 Carbon Fiber Modular extensions, (we were able to safely reach all the way up to the top glass, and could have even gone a bit higher.

Gardiner Ultimate 46ft with 8 Extensions Cleaning at 89ft

“Being able to reach windows that high safely all depends on the area around you,” JRC’s Steve Blyth explained. “The pole is not really that heavy. The issue is being able to safely move from side to side since it gets harder to move a pole over obstacles. There has to be plenty of room on the ground in front. Access is key.”

Because of this project’s success, we now offer a convenient 90-foot kit that comes complete with all the tools needed to help you reach amazing new heights safely from the ground.

Gardiner Ultimate 46ft with 8 Extensions Cleaning at 89ft