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Meet the New Moerman Drywalker Flex

The new Moerman DryWalker Flex Bucket on a Belt (BOAB) offers modular flexibility, letting you carry up to four squeegees at a time -- more than any other on the market -- or two plus a large bucket that is designed to keep your legs dry.

Made from waterproof, highly abrasion-resistant materials, the modular Drywalker Flex is detachable, lightweight, and customizable to work around your specific window-cleaning preferences.

The complete set includes:

  • The Drywalker Flex Base. This is the hip bucket, curved to comfortably hang from your belt without continuously knocking against your leg. It comes with a built-in double squeegee holder in the back, then an interchangeable bucket or extra squeegee holder that can easily pop in place in the front.
  • The quick release drip tray, which catches excess water and drips in order to keep your legs dry. You can easily visually check your drip catcher reservoir without having to detach it. The quick release means the tray can easily be removed, emptied, and snapped back into place.
  • An add-on double squeegee holder. Need to carry extra tools? Simply swap out the bucket for the extra tool holder and carry up to four squeegees two squeegees and a mop at once.

The practical, elegant Moerman Drywalker Flex has the following advantages:

  • Made of highly abrasion-resistant, lightweight, waterproof materials.
  • Highly maneuverable, so bending and kneeling aren’t issues.
  • Innovative modular design allows you to set up your Drywalker as either a double squeegee holder, or a squeegee holder with a bucket.
  • Easily detaches from your belt. The male clip loops over your belts and snaps into the top of the Drywalker base unit, so it can be detached quickly without having to take off your entire belt.
  • Catches drips and keeps your dry.