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ProTool Restore All Before and After Cleaning Performance

ProTool Restore All Before and After Cleaning Performance

ProTool Restore All offers great versatility and can be used on a variety of materials, including concrete, brick, stucco, metal, stone, and painted surfaces. This makes it a great choice for restoration or areas that involve multiple surface types.

The application of Pro Restore Restoration Cleaner is straightforward.

It is can be used as a concentrated solution for tough staining or diluted with water according to the specific cleaning requirements.

The diluted solution can be applied using a sprayer, brush, Sponge or pressure washer, depending on the surface and the extent of the cleaning needed.

After application, it does need to dwell for a short period (4 to 6 minutes) to allow the cleaner to penetrate and break down stains and contaminants, do not allow Pro Restore to dry on the surface during this dwell time, re-wet with the cleaning solution as needed to keep the surface wet during the dwell period.

When the cleaning/restoration process is complete, rinse the surface with water to remove the dissolved dirt and residue. For glass, polished granite or metals, rinse with pure water to avoid hard water stains.

Pro Restore Restoration Cleaner is a trusted choice for professional cleaners, restoration contractors, and property owners looking to restore the appearance of various surfaces. Pro Restore’s powerful cleaning action makes it an effective solution for tackling tough stains and maintaining the beauty of exterior surfaces.

Glass Restoration 

Restore All, - a Restoration Cleaner for building surfaces

Pro Restore Restoration Cleaner is a specialized cleaning product formulated for use in the restoration and maintenance of various surfaces.

Pro Restore Restoration Cleaner is an effective and versatile cleaning solution that removes hard water stains, metal oxide runoff stains, dirt, grime and environmental pollutants from a wide range of building surfaces.

The cleaner is formulated is a mild acid based cleaned with a with a blend of detergents, and surfactants that work together to penetrate and lift stains and contaminants.

It is highly effective in removing common pollutants, hard water staining and oxidation from surfaces.

One method is to pour some into a bucket:

Use a strip washer (10 or 14 inch).

wet the strip washer with the solution and rub onto a section to be restored.

Test a small area first.

DWELL TIME is important, for ProRestore to work it takes 4 to 6 minutes to perform the desire restoration.

Also, Never let Pro Restore dry on the surface as very bad, hard to restore, drippy, swirl marks will be left behind, often uglier than the original stains and difficult to remove.

Keep the surface wet and all will be well, this is generally an easy thing to do on a compatible underlying surface. Always test a small area.

Once comfortable with the process wet an area as large as you can keep wet for the 4 to 6 minute dwell.

Faster restoration of the surface can be accomplished with agitation applied to the surface during this dwell period, use a white pad or coconut scrub pad, Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the surface.

On windows out for the wind and sun that could be perhaps 6 to 10 panes sized up to 4ft x 6ft each.

Every now and then... Rinse the washer wand in clear water, squeeze out the excess water, then re-soak in the the Pro Restore cleaning solution.

Another Method of using Pro Restore:

Apply using a low-pressure, low-flow applicator such as trigger sprayer, pump up sprayers or T-Bar and mop method. Be careful not to drip on surfaces not intended to be cleaned.

Apply an even amount on the surface from the bottom up. Spread the product on the surface with a microfiber towel or sponge. Allow the solution to dwell on the surface, the cleaning power and dwell can be enhanced by continuing to rubbing the surface with the sponge or towel, keeping the surface wet.

Faster restoration of the surface can be accomplished with agitation applied to the surface during this dwell period, use a white pad or coconut scrub pad, Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the surface.

Rinse with water before the solution dries. on the glass

The surface must clean water rinsed before wiping dry with a towel or squeegee swiping.

Rinse any excess Pro Restore from adjacent surfaces before it dries and to prevent clean streaking.

Note: The rundown of the Pro Restore cleaning surface will often create an unintended clean area on the building surface below the window you are working on, test for this when evaluating the restoration project, In these cases it is advised to clean the walls and surfaces around the glass panels. Never let Pro Restore dry on the surface

Before and After

Before Application of Restore All

After Application of Restore All

Glass Restoration Mix Ratio

Start with dilution of 1 Gallon of Pro Restore to 1 Gallon of Water (1:1) and work your way up to a 100% application as necessary. Do not apply to hot surfaces or surfaces in direct sunlight.

Safety Precautions

Pro Restore All is a mild acid based cleaner to glove up and if you are spraying Pro Restore onto the glass then use a respirator or appropriate mask to avoid inhaling the solution.

While Pro Retore is safe on most all building surfaces, always test an area before tackling the entire project.

It is best to work in the shade.

Try and work in the shade, however when that is not possible, and you are removing staining in the sun, pre-wet the surface with water this helps to cool down the surface and work in much smaller areas, When you are working in the sun, pre-wet glass for at least 15 seconds with water to bring the surface temperature down.

Tinted or Coated Glass

Be careful when approaching restoration work on tinted or coated glass surfaces

  1. A tint or coating on the glass with the precipitation run down stains can become permanently stained.
  2. Restore All can remove the tint or coating from the surface, so test carefully.