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Removing Hard Water Stains with Diamond Magic

Creams and pastes are mildly aggressive. While they do not typically scratch the surface, it can happen, so use caution.

Diamond Magic is a creme compounded with special formulation and real diamond dust to make a formidable stain remover and polishing compound. The secret of Diamond Magic is the use of multi-level, sub-micron diamond dust, compounded with a compatible paste, creating a synergy that cleans and polishes unpainted metal, glass, tile, and porcelain to a near-new condition. Diamond Magic does consist of ground up industrial diamonds. This gives a very fine and small abrasive to help agitate and remove stains from glass. Good to use with a powered polisher and apply by hand. 

Do not use Diamond Magic on painted surfaces. 

How to Clean with Diamond Magic:

  • Clean the surface with a damp towel to remove dirt and grime. This will help you avoid scratching and possible permanent damage.

  • Apply the product with a dry cloth, sponge, nylon pad, soft bristled brush, or oscillating buffer.

  • Press firmly, loosening the stain with a circular rubbing action.

  • Rinse with water until the glass is residue free.

  • Clean and squeegee the window.

  • Repeat the application as needed until the surface is clean and spot free.