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Study Examines How To Build Customer Trust in the Midst of Covid-19

“Trust” is the current buzzword for marketing experts in a post Covid-19 economy. That’s because in study after study, marketing researchers have determined that right now, consumers want to feel like they trust the company behind the products and services that they buy.

The question, then, is what exactly builds trust?

A recent study by Qualtrics, a customer relations management (CRM) provider, surveyed consumers to find out what factors made them trust brands more in the midst of Covid-19. The top four responses focused on the well-being for both employees (24%) and customers (24%), as well as maintaining reasonable prices (22%) so as not to take advantage or the situation (33%).

Right behind those four was an important one for our industry – going above and beyond safety standards and recommendations (21%).

Right behind the top four was an important one for our industry – going above and beyond safety standards and recommendations (21%).

These are the things we at J. Racenstein are promoting when we refer to “pivoting” your cleaning business. They are often simple, affordable c hanges that you can implement to go above and beyond safety standards, in turn protecting your employees and customers without having to significantly increase your prices.

For example, adding a few drops Clean and Shine to your bucket not only helps you clean windows, it can sanitize/reduce germs in the process. Or you can wipe down windows and other areas with Clean and Shine using a spray bottle and microfiber towe or interior fogger. One gallon of Clean and Shine makes 64 gallons of product, so it is an extremely cost-efficient way to help build your customers’ trust.

Having your crews wear a disposable mask and carry hand sanitizer are also two easy, cost-efficient ways to let customers know you are looking out for their well-being. Note that on the survey, 19% said that brands that build trust “don’t overact or underestimate the circumstances.” In other words, they don’t necessarily want to know your specific views on things like wearing masks. They just want you to take extra precautions to keep them safe.

Finally, adding soft washing is not only a profitable service, it’s a way to help protect your customers’ exterior services while leaving them looking like new in the process. The ProTool Clever is a compact, easy-to-use, efficient option that does not require using purchasing a pressure washer or taking up a lot of space. The Clever Sprayer provides a precise, constant mix of CDC-recommended bleach for cleaning and sanitizing buildings, walkways, roofs, and more.