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Thank You EBC

Nando Medina of ProWindowz in Los Angeles recently wrote to tell us about a large project he was doing – 375 homes fully softwashed to remove dirt from a neighboring construction site.

“Thanks to Carlos Gonzales for his amazing product called EBC that helped us remove this dirt with a simple spray and wash,” he wrote. “I love the fact that it helped to remove dirt buildup with ease on this 375 home project. It's also easy to use on greasy dumpster pads, loading docks, parking garages, and is overall Earth friendly. Who doesn’t love that?”

Medina added, “Thanks also to the staff at J. Racenstein – particularly Jenny Bahn and Doug Apt – for carrying EBC. Let’s get the next five 5-gallon pails ready for pickup. We’ve got another 225 homes to go!”