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The Perfect Polishing Kit for Cleaning Glass, Vehicles, and Other Surfaces

Polishing and/or removing light surface scratches on glass, auto paint, polished stones, headlamps, and so on is done using cerium oxide slurry. 

Hand polishing can only do so much when it comes to scratch removal and polishing. However, the slurry can be applied using a polishing pad attached to a powered polisher or drill (1500 rpm minimum) . When cerium oxide slurry is applied to a rotating pad, it provides the necessary friction between the slurry and the surface. 

Which Pad Should I Use? 

Pad Size

  • Choose a larger pad when the work is tough. Larger Pads have more cutting power than the small pads, so if you are trying to remove heavy hard water deposits or haze, the small pads may not work well. 
  • Small Pads are good for curved surfaces like the glass on some coach lamps, auto headlamps or paint. They also will get into corners better, always mask off the area that you do not want polished those adjoining surfaces that the pad may rub on.
Felt Pads do not generate heat as quickly as Foam pads

Felt Pads

Felt Pads -- which are made from natural wool -- are more abrasive than Foam Pads. When used on painted surfaces, they are referred to as "cutting pads." For Glass, felt pads will polish the surface faster. However, Felt Pads require more precise control of the rotating wheel and polisher. They also require more Cerirum Oxide for the same surface area and tend to create more splatter.

Felt pads are great for removing light scratches, Tin Etch Haze, and Hard Water Stains faster than Foam Pads. Felt pads should be used at around 1500 rpm. Felt Pads will leave swirl trails on the surface, these can be polished out with the Foam Pads.

Start with Felt Pads when restoring the surface, moving to Foam Pads to finish the polishing.

Foam Pads

Foam Pads are gentler on the surface, and also easier to use. Because they have some "give" to them, they give the operator some leeway when holding the pad on the surface. They use less Cerium Oxide when polishing but generate heat faster than Felt.

Foam pads can remove swirl marks and polishing streaks that are left after using a felt pad. They can also remove light scratches. They just may take longer than starting with a felt pad.

.Not all foam pads word the same either. Flat Foam Pads restore the glass faster than "bumpy" foam pads. However, the bumpy foam pads are easier to use for the final high-shine polishing. 

Coconut Husk Pads

Coconut husk is an eco-friendly, natural-fiber material that offers excellent scrubbing power without scratching glass or chrome. Coconut husk pads are a great replacement for steel wool. 

The 5-in round pads can attach to the powered polisher pad adaptor or 5-in drill adaptors. 

  • Coconut Husk Scrubbing Pads offer excellent scrubbing power without scratching glass or other hard surfaces.
  •  Long lasting and naturally antibacterial, so they do not smell, even after prolonged use.
  • Can be used with a polishing cream for removal of Hard Water Stains on glass and chrome surfaces.
  • Removes rust from metal surfaces quickly.

Use Pads with the ProTool Wireless Speed Polisher

  • Great for polishing surfaces and vehicles
  • Polishes scratches
  • Removes hard water deposits and stains
  • Restores glass and painted surfaces
  • Applies wax, polish, glaze, sealers

Polishing Pad Kits Include:

  • 2 Finishing Polish Pads
  • 2 Medium Polish Pads
  • 1 Rough Polish Pad
  • 1 Wool Buffer
  • 1 Hook and Loop Backer Pad M10 Female Thread
  • 1 Backer Screw M10 Male Thread to Spindle for Drill Motor


  • 3300 - 3800 RPM Speed Polisher
  • Wireless and Portable
  • 9.25 in long x 2.25 in wide and 6 in deep
  • Fits 5 in diameter pads
  • USB-C quick charging port
  • 45+ minutes of battery life
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • 4-5 hour charge time to full
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Hook and loop pad attachment
  • Cushion to even pressure on surface