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The ProTool Clever: A Compact, Convenient, Powerful Soft Washing System

Whether you are just getting into soft washing, or wanting to upgrade from pressure washing, the Pro Tool Clever is an amazingly smart and powerful soft washing system in a small, convenient package. The ProTool Clever is an all-in-one soft washing system that comes complete with totes for bleach and water, a smart dosing system proportioner that mixes your water to bleach ratio for you, plus a wand and tips to let you soft wash up to 30-feet high, all safely from the ground. The uniquely-designed Clever is unlike any other soft washing system on the market, combining portability and adjustable dosing. Other soft wash systems on the market in the same price range are one-batch systems. Not the Clever. 

“I especially love that it's so simple and takes the guesswork out of batch mixing!” 

Ricky Coschigano, Critic's Choice Window Cleaning

“I love that the Clever can easily be placed in the back of my employees’ cars. It’s perfect for residential jobs and apartment complexes. Plus I don’t have to worry about chemicals being mixed wrong. My employees can just set the dial and know the mix is going to be correct. Set it and forget it. My guys love it!” 

Tim Carver, Fish Window Cleaning

Why do we call it the Clever? 

1. It's easy to use.  Just attach it to tap water, set the dosing system to the mix you want, and the Clever does the rest. 

2. It's easy to set up in the field. Attach 7 gallons of sodium hypocholorite (SH) and surfactant in the tote, hook up your water source, your wand, and you're up and running.

3. It's portable. You can easily wheel the Clever around with you on the jobsite so that you can adjust your chemical mix on the fly. We've even had customers carry it with them on a lift.

4. It's compact. With the Clever, you can a full-service softwashing system that takes up only a tiny amount of space. 

5. It carries up to 7 gallons of bleach. That means you're getting about 70 gallons of house wash mix before the need to refill. 

6. It's rugged. The Clever was designed to handle 12.5% sodium hypochlorite at full strength, meaning its parts are corrosion resistant and tough. You're not limited to just using bleach either, as the Clever can be used to run many other strong chemicals through the system as well. 

7. It competes with the big systems. The Clever's flow rate is as high as other bigger soft washing system on the market -- except for the Batch Pro -- meaning you can soft wash large areas with ease. 

8. It's perfect for Sticky surfactant. We've made it super easy to add Sticky surfactant, with one bottle being the exact amount you need for 7 gallons of bleach. 

When we say the Clever is compact, we mean it. As the picture on the right can even fit behind the front seat of your vehicle!

The ProTool Clever

This water-powered spraying system perfectly mixes your chemicals at the mix rates that you choose, then can be used for soft washing a variety of surfaces at heights of up to 30 feet. While it's designed for mixing SH (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 12.5% and Sticky surfactant with water, it can be used with most chemical concentrates. 

It’s also super easy to set up. Hook one side to water, then turn the dial to the mix you want to use. The Clever automatically doses your load in the mixing chamber, then sends it on to your wand.

The Clever comes with a wand and a set of tips, but you can switch to your own as well. You simply add the length of hose you want to use and it’s ready to roll (literally).
It’s easy to transport, easy to mix, and easy to use.

  • Easy to set up and use, the Clever Sprayer provides precise and constant dosage at various flow rates.
  • SH-capable, the Clever Sprayer also supports a wide range of liquid or soluble concentrates
  • The Clever injectors proportional system eliminates all risks of under or overdosing.
  • Externally adjustable
  • Continuous operation
  • Just set it and use it

How to Set Up the Clever

Portability: You can easily fold the Clever up and place it in your vehicle. To set it up, simply take it out, set it upward, turn the handle outward, and engage the kickstand. Once it's set upright, engage your draw bucket, which holds up to 7 gallons of bleach. Strap the bucket in for safety. Then add your surfactant, such as Pro Tool Sticky. (One bottle of Sticky is the correct amount for your 7-gallon bucket.)

Dosing: The dosing system is fully adjustable from 25% down to 1%, and it does the mixing for you. It shows percent mixture and ratio mixture, so you can actually use many different chemicals and still be accurate in your mix. Watch the video for a walk-through on how to set up your system.