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The Protool Sprayer a Convenient Versatile Solution

For jobs where trigger sprayers or pump-up sprayers simply aren’t enough, the ProTool Power Sprayer is a versatile, lightweight, easy-to-use sprayer that is the perfect option for a number of applications, including:

· Quick Demos

· Spot Treatments

· Pre-Treating for rust/battery acid, calcium/efflorescence, degreasing, or other stains

· Hard to Reach areas, like corners or under awnings, etc.,

· Small-to-Medium Sized Jobs of All Kinds

· Any project where you want an alternative to continuous pumping.

The sprayer is designed to handle almost all chemicals, and is bleach and acid resistant. (Note: you must rinse the sprayer after use.) Each sprayer comes in a convenient carrying case, complete with a number of accessories to make your job easy. These include:

· Interchangeable Standard Pressure Washing Tips to allows for different spray patterns and reach. With the use of the lance and the correct tip, the ProTool Power Sprayer can shoot streams up to 30 feet high!

· Two batteries that easily slide-on to the bottom of the sprayer and can handle upwards of two hours continuous spray time. (Recharging takes about two hours.)

· Two rubber tubing lengths, one to easily connect to a small spray bottle – perfect for spot treatment or demos – and one 15-foot hose with weighted filter for use in a 5-gallon bucket.

· A telescopic spray lance that provides extra length for those hard-to-reach areas.

· A control knob on the sprayer to help you control how much spray is released.

· A multi-directional swivel for easy use and access to difficult areas.

· Industrial grade Viton seals for long life.

The ProTool Power Sprayer kit comes complete everything you need to make cleaning jobs faster, easier, and more profitable