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Understanding Water Flow Rates in Window Cleaning Systems

Understanding Water Flow Rates in Window Cleaning Systems

5/16in OD Pole Hose

3/8 ID Ultra Light Hose

1/4 ID High Flow Pole Hose


The efficiency of a window cleaning system is heavily influenced by the water flow rates at various points along the delivery path, from the pump or Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RODI) system to the glass or panel. This report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of water flow rates for different components commonly used in window cleaning setups.

Hose Flow Rates

Gardiner Brush Capsule Jets

Gardiner Rinsebar


Understanding water flow rates is crucial for optimizing window cleaning systems. The choice of hoses, brush capsule jets, and rinsebar configurations directly impacts the overall efficiency of the system. Window cleaning professionals can use this information to tailor their setups for optimal performance, ensuring that each component contributes to a seamless and effective cleaning process.