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Watch for Re-Closings as Well as Reopenings

As the economy continues to reopen, watch for specific updates not only about reopenings, but also temporary re-closings. For example, I just a news article that in Northern Florida, a few restaurants and bars are temporarily re-closing after having staff and/or customers tested positive. Most plan to thoroughly sanitize but reopen soon.

This is where your sanitizing services can really come in handy.

That’s what E. Carling Hicks of Napa Valley Steaming recently experienced. With the Covid-19 outbreak, most of their commercial clients had to close, but Napa Valley Cleaning let their customers know they were available if they needed future sanitizing services. Two months later, Hicks received a call from a local winery -- a past exterior cleaning  customer -- because they'd had an employee test positive for Covid 19. The Napa Valley Steaming team was called in to sanitize the winery's entire interior. Hicks has found that many of the businesses in their popular tourist area have been eager to get back up and running, and the need for sanitizing helps them do just that. 

Sanitizing Made Simple

A little Clean and Shine added to your window-cleaning bucket makes sanitizing windows easy, and gives your customers added peace of mind. Or add it to a micro fiber towel to wipe down high-touch areas, providing either a nice added touch, or a complete add-on service.

For more thorough interior sanitizing services, Clean and Shine can also be added to the easy-to-use ULV sprayer/fogger for more thorough sanitizing services.