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What is the Flow in Gallons per Minute of various components in a Spraying Setup?

Softwash Spraying Chemical Flow Testing Common Components

We tested the flow coming from a Comet P36 Pump with a gas Honda motor.

The Pump was flowing 8.6 GPM, gallons per minute at 65 psi when measure at the end of 300ft of 1/2in hoses and a 3/8in male pressure washer quick connector. Flow along for the resulting actual flow as we added different guns and tips

Comet Pump flows 8.6 gpm

This pump is rated for 9.6 GPM at 150 PSI

Few would ever run that much pressure, Typically Softwashing is at a lower 65 to 80 PSI we chose the lower psi number of 65psi for these flow tests. This pump is configured for Softwashing and is bypassing 2 to 3 gpm in flow of chemical  back to the tank.

The Pump produces 8 GPM flow at 65 psi

300ft of 1/2 inch Hose with QC Plug flows 8gpm

We attached 200ft feet of Clear Braided Hose with a 3/8 Quick connector male plug attached to the end. 

For reference a 1/2-inch diameter hose attached to a standard household faucet that supplies water at 40 psi has a typical flow rate of 13 to 15 gallons per minute.

This Configuration was used for attaching every subsequent accessory and we saw a flow of 8 gpm from the hose and connector.

300ft 1/2 inch Hose plus a Suttner Pressure Wash Trigger Gun flows 5.1 GPM

This is a ST2305 pressure washer trigger gun rated for 12 GPM flow at 5,000 PSI

Higher Pressure can flow more chemical, but what you need for Softwashing is performed low pressure, a Pressure Washer Trigger Gun could be restricting your flow at low pressure. This style gun may be impacting flow when Downstreaming or X-Jetting or spraying from a chemical pump.

300ft 1/2 inch Hose plus a Suttner Low Pressure Trigger Gun flows 7.6 GPM

This is a ST510 Low Pressure rated for 8 GPM flow at 365 PSI

A low pressure trigger is designed to flow well for Softwashing Applications, this is used with the Comet Pump as well as the 12v 5gpm and 7 GPM demand pumps. 

Add a 1/4 inch Quick Connector to the St510 Trigger Gun flow 6.3 GPM

The 1/4in Quick Connector without a tip inserted reduces the flow of the chemical at 65psi down to 6.3 GPM.

The tips when inserted into the QC will reduce the flow even further 

0060 Tip added to end of ST510 Low Pressure Gun flows 5.5 GPM 

This is likely the largest Tip used in Softwashing and Rinsing, and would need the most flow

Smaller Tips 0020, 0030, 0040 or 0050 will flow less chemical in gallons per minute

0050 Tip added to end of ST510 Low Pressure Gun flows 5.0 GPM

This is likely the Tip used by many systems for Softwashing including the larger 00 tip included with the Clever Sprayer for Softwashing.