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Why Isn't GG4 Slick Like Dish Soap?

Most window cleaners entering the business learn to fan using dish soap. “This teaches you to grip hard and press hard because the surfactant gives you a ton of glide,” Alan Noah of Titan Laboratories explained. “However, that’s pretty much all it gives you!” When you switch to Glass Gleam 4 (GG4), the glide isn’t there. “We actually thought window cleaners would appreciate not having to use so much pressure. In fact, I used to say, ‘if you don’t like the slip, just loosen your grip.’” But, people kept saying they just added a squirt of dish soap to add glide. With that glide, however, they also added surfactants, which as we explained in “How Is Glass Gleam (GG-4) Different from Dish Soap?” means they’re creating buildup. “Now they’ve wrecked GG-4’s main purpose of clearing out those pores.” After researching the issue, Titan Labs couldn’t find a slip additive that wasn’t “just more dish soap,” so they formulated their own out of distilled silicon to make Glass Gleam Glide. “Nothing to it, and there’s no foam or goop in the sill to slow you down.”