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Aluminum Pole Pure Water Conversion Kit

Quick Overview

  • Includes HiFlo Euro Thread Adapter
  • 36 feet of hose
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • 11 inch rectangular brush

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Item #: 65-244  UPC : 761475644082  MPN : HF40K



 Available Late May
This is an obsolete Item

Existing Unger aluminum pole owners can upgrade to a HiFlo PureWater cleaning system. The new PureWater Conversion Kit includes everything needed for a simple conversion. They key component is Unger's new HiFlo Thread Adapter which connects old with new. The 40ft hose is ready to connect to any pure water system and is equipped with a quick-connect adapter for use with Unger's Dual DI Cart.

Please add part # 150-150 shut off valve quick connector to be able to connect to standard garden hose.