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  • Boost Pump 110v 1/2hp
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Boost Pump 110v 1/2hp

Quick Overview

  • Tucker brand water fed pole electric boost pump system.
  • A 110v booster system will provide you with 110 PSI and improve the gallons per minute flow out of your water system
  • Work higher or produce more water with your existing system, for use with positive pressure water from a Tap
  • Easy to setup attach the the supply hose to the female inlet garden hose fitting
  • Dramatically increase performance

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Item #: 150-06041  UPC : 00669893018006  MPN : 12025



 Available to Order, Estimated Delivery: Late July
This is an obsolete Item

This pump offer 110 psi of regulated boost pressure from a commercial quality rotary vane pump. 

Used to increase water pressure into an RO purification system or push pure water up a structure higher than street water pressure allows. Includes  6ft power cord GFCI protector.