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Bucket Super Compact Lid Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Grabs bucket at edges nice and tight without being annoying to get on.
  • When you snap the corners down tight it makes a great seal.
  • Lid for 6 Gallon Ettore Reactangular Bucket
  • Easy to carry when bucket is full
  • Snaps tight to decrease spillage and is made of thick plastic.

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Item #: 21-119  UPC : 032611861008  MPN : 86100



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This is an obsolete Item

Bucket Super Compact Lid Ettore

This is a bucket lid for the 3 gallon multi-purpose super bucket (Ettore Item No. 86000). It is designed to fits the bucket to avoid spills and secure items in the bucket.

    • Fits securely on the 3 gallon super bucket (Ettore Item No. 86000)
    • Easily snaps on bucket
    • Avoids unnecessary spills and protects items in bucket
    • Constructed of plastic

Manufacturer Part Number:86100

Item Code:21-119
CATEGORIES:Buckets - Ettore
Lid for Super Compact Bucket (Ettore 3gal Bucket)
Dimensions: 9 x 16in