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Calcite Presoak for Clay Brick 1 gallon

Quick Overview

  • Calcite Presoak is used on Clay Brick (only) to remove the calcite from the surface, it is to be used in combination with NMD 80 for a complete removal
  • Powerfully penetrates and softens calcite, may bleach surface when used repeatedly
  • Apply undiluted to the calcite deposits until the clay brick below is visible, then finsh he removal with NMD 80 at 4 to 1 concentration.
  • Apply additonal applications of NMD 80 until there is no white foaming then you can start to Rinse
  • Do not flood the surface or allow the chemical to run down the surface, When using a pressure washer do not use a zero tip

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Calcite Presoak for Clay Brick 1 gallon

Calcite Presoak is designed as a presoak for the removal of calcite from clay brick only. Calcite Presoak is always used in conjunction with NMD 80. This combination is for the complete removal of calcite.

First apply the Calcite Presoak undiluted and allow it to dwell on the surface for approximately five minutes. Repeat this process without rinsing until little pin holes have opened up. Then apply NMD 80 diluted four parts water to one part solution (4:1) without rinsing off the Calcite Presoak; allow a five to ten minute dwell time. Rinse completely to get the desired results.

Calcite removal from concrete masonry units (CMU) can be achieved by using White Scum Presoak followed by NMD 80.


• Powerfully penetrates and softens calcite 


  • May bleach surface if used repeatedly undiluted
  • Do not use on lime-faced brick
  • Only for use on clay brick

Technical Data

  • Appearance:     Clear
  • Odor:      Mild odor
  • Physical State:     Liquid
  • pH:     1.5
  • Boiling Point:     >212° F
  • Specific Gravity (water=1):     1.10 @ 77° F
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Flash Point:     N/D
  • Viscosity Water     thin


Protect adjacent surfaces and surrounding building hardware not intended to be cleaned from exposure to the cleaning solution. Avoid direct contact with foliage. Cover landscape using plastic or wet the foliage with water before and after cleaning. Avoid wind drift on surrounding surfaces as well as auto and pedestrian traffic.

Coverage Rate:

Coverage rates will vary based on severity of calcite build-up. Proper testing will determine 

actual coverage rate.

Application Instructions

  1.  Apply Calcite Presoak undiluted directly to the affected areas. A heavy white foam will result - allow this foam to collapse.
  2.  Re-apply Calcite Presoak undiluted without rinsing directly to the same affected areas.
  3. Do a scratch test to determine if you can see the substrate beneath the calcite. If not, repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Once the substrate is visible beneath the calcite, Apply NMD 80 diluted 4 parts water to 1 part NMD 80 over the treated area. Heavy white foam will form. Calcite is completely removed once white foaming ceases.
  5. Apply another application of NMD 80 diluted 4 parts water to 1 part NMD 80. untill no more whote foaming occurs  
  6. When there is no white foaming, you are ready to rinse.

Note: Do not allow Calcite Presoak to run down the surface as bleaching may occur. Apply enough product ton the calcite deposits without over soaking to avoid runs. If runs occur, rinse the excess immediately 


Proper rinsing techniques determine the final look and quality of the job. A thorough rinse job is  always recommended; however, our chemistry never requires flooding the surface. Calcite Presoak and NMD 80 4:1 can be rinsed using cold water.  Pressures that mark the surface should be avoided. When in doubt, follow the manufacturers recommended P.S.I. for the substrates. Do not use a zero-degree nozzle

Caution: Do not allow the product to dry on a surface.

Calcite Presoak is designed as a pre-soak to facilitate the removal of calcite on clay brick (USE ON CLAY BRICK ONLY). 

Used in conjunction with NMD 80, this combination will ensure the complete removal of calcite.

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