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Collar Adaptor 25mm for Gardiner

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Allows Qleen Rotating brush to fit into Gardiner poles. (Fits section #3)...

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Item #: 159-059  UPC : 00669893027084



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This is an obsolete Item

Collar Adaptor Small for Qleen 25mm

This collar adapts the Qleen Rotary brush system to Gardiner Carbon Fiber poles.

Use the any Gardiner carbon fiber pole. 

The first Section must be removed from these poles to insert the Adaptor.
This shortens the available length of the poles:

Gardiner Poles

155-4272 CLX 27ft (Adaptor installed yiedls max 22ft)

155-4301 SLX 30ft (Adaptor installed yields max 25ft)

155-4391 SLX 39ft (Adaptor installed yields max 33ft)