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  • Concrete Powder 30 lb. Pail
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Concrete Powder 30 lb. Pail

Quick Overview

  • Fast-and-easy concrete cleaning powder
  • Applied by brooming the powder over the stained area
  • Works using natural CO2, and has no hazardous chemicals
  • 1 pound of product per 75 sqft (can increase or decrease depending if the surfaces is rough or smooth)

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It works with its own specific gravity by penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete where petroleum-based stains are trapped. It then breaks down the hydrocarbon chain of the petroleum-based stains. Once the chain is broken it decomposes and dissolves the hydrocarbons with bio-organic compounds that actually consume the stains.

Simply sprinkle the powder over the oil stain area. Using a fine bristle flat tip broom, spread it out evenly over the concrete surface going long ways and then width ways in a crossover pattern to achieve a smooth even layer on the surface of the concrete. Sweep up excess compound, leaving a very light residue.

The light powder residue helps resist future stains. As cars are driven and people walk over the product they help push it further down into the pores of the concrete and thereby enable it to continue to work.

The formula has been calculated on a cleaning area of 1 pound per 175 square feet. Of course this will depend on the person laying the product and the amount of hydrocarbons and the texture of the surface to be cleaned. A coarse texture will need more and a slick finish will need less.


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