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Controller Pump 10 Amp with Short Range Remote Control

Quick Overview

  • Controls 12v Pumps up to 2 Gallons per Minute
  • Offers precision control over pump speed and water flow
  • Remote Control Fob offers 2 Pump Speeds along with On/Off
  • Improved Pump and Battery Life
  • Turns off pump at low battery voltage to protect battery life

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Item #: 150-5441  MPN : WFPL U XB



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Controller Pump 10 Amp with Short Distance Remote

Fob controls Wash and Rinse Pump Speed Differential

Pump Controller manages up to 10amp 12v pumps up to 2 GPM Pumps 

Industry standard 10amp pump controller reduces wear on the pump especially when compared to a mechanical flow constrictor, such as a ball valve.  Typically attached to manage a 1 GPM Pump.

Reducing pump speed reduces power used and mechanical wear.

Fine control of the water flow rates means water use is kept to a minimum, allowing you to complete more jobs on the same tank. Unit comes with necessary wires and wiring diagram.

  • Controls 12v pump
  • Powered by 12v battery
  • Indicates battery voltage
  • Allows user to change flow rate 0-99
  • Dead end detection
  • Low battery indication / protection
  • Pressure switch detection