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DI Bag Replacement (ea)

Quick Overview

  • DI Replacement Resin Bag for the Hydro Bottle.
  • Instantly purifies water under 10 TDS.
  • Reduces shake time in half by adding 2 bags per bottle.
  • Safe to discard in garbage after resin has been exhausted.

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Item #: 150-289  UPC : 00669893021099  MPN : HB-DI



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This is an obsolete Item

DI Replacement Resin Bag for the Hydro Bottle. All it takes is a few minutes and you have pure water to start cleaning with.

Hydro Bottle Instructions:

  1. Remove DI Resin bag from a plastic bag.
  2. Place DI Resin Bag inside Hydro Bottle.
  3. Fill with tap water up to about 1” from the top.
  4. Shake to purify water or allow to sit overnight. TDS Level should be under 10. 

Purified water is not safe for human consumption.