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  • Docket 36in Sorbo



Docket 36in Sorbo

Quick Overview

  • Trims squeegee blades to a straight, sharp edge
  • Precise trim ensures a smooth glide with no streaks
  • Reduces squeegee rubber and silicone costs by 93%
  • Resharpens a blade up to 12 times

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Item #: 06-436  UPC : 642086019806  MPN : 1980
This is an obsolete Item

Reduces the cost of squeegee rubber and silicon squeegee blades by 93%.

This ingenious device doesn't only cut your expenses, it makes you more efficient too.

The Docket increases your earning power by giving you a sharp, straight edge every time you trim your squeegee blades.

A sharp edge glides over glass more easily and cleans windows streak free.

The Docket allows you to trim your squeegee blades to perfection up to 12 times.

Groves in the Sörbo channel let you reposition the blade every time you sharpen, so the blade maintains correct firmness.