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  • EnviroBioCleaner - EBC - Detergent - Degreaser



EnviroBioCleaner - EBC - Detergent - Degreaser

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When Nothing Else Cuts It – Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) works hard so you don't have to. This heavy-duty cleaner is the answer to heavy duty grease and general multi-purpose cleaning. EBC leaves drive through, gas station pads, oiled/greased concrete, hood and filter cleaning, house washes, machinery, garage floors and much much more clean and grease free. The variety of uses for EBC is virtually unlimited. Rated and Tested high for effectiveness, safety and environmental impact.

Made With You And the Environment In Mind 

Biodegradable, non-flammable formula hits hard and fast with less impact on the user and environment. Finally a water based product that really works! It is a multi-purpose liquid concentrate that literally breaks down the molecular bonds which holds oils together. This effective and versatile cleaner is utilized as an industrial strength degreaser as well as an effective, multi-use all purpose cleaner. Whether you are removing old accumulated food grease in Kitchen Hoods, oil and grease buildup on concrete or performing a house wash to general cleaning around your house 

The cleaning potential of Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) is virtually limitless! Removes oil, grease and dirt from virtually any washable surface. Plus, it's economical and environmentally friendly! 

Let Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) provide you with the newest, friendliest products at an affordable price in today’s competitive market. Tested by pressure wash & KEC contractors on the most stubborn cleaning projects! Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) will be your “Go To” multi-purpose & degreasing agent when less time on a job site is critical.

Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) has excellent foaming agents that offer more hang time on vertical surfaces.  No booster and/or additional foaming additives are necessary when applied to both vertical and lateral surfaces.  We recommend that all surfaces be thoroughly rinsed,  especially windows, after using EBC because of its high foaming agents.

Enviro Bio Cleaner will not etch windows.  Pre watering of plants and landscaped area is recommended as a precaution. 

When washing concrete that has oil/grease spots, it is recommended that the steps outlined in the Heavy Concrete Degreasing be performed first.  Follow up with the General Cleaning step for cleaning the remainder of the concrete area. 



Oil (Diesel/Gasoline) Stained Concrete

Pump Islands

Engine Degreasing

Pumps, Motors, Parts Cleaning

Industrial Equipment

Agricultural Equipment 

Food Processing Facilities

Carpet Cleaning

Grease Trap Maintenance

Dumpster Pads


Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

Carbon and Soot Cleaning

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Counters, Mats, Runners 

Exterior Building Washes 

Exterior House Washes

Signs, Awnings, Canopies

General Cleaning and Maintenance

Enviro Bio Cleaner Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser is a liquid concentrate that breaks down the molecular bonds that hold oil together.
This effective and versatile cleaner is utilized as an industrial-strength degreaser as well as an effective multi-use cleaner.
The cleaning potential of this product is unlimited. 

Strong enough to tackle the most stubborn oil and grease stains but subtle enough to be used as a house or building wash mix. 

EBC Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser is compatible with Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach).