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Ettore Handle Ledge-Eze

Quick Overview

  • Designed with longer reach for larger window ledges
  • Curved to reach over deep ledges and window frames
  • Complete with a foam grip and nylon handle
  • Quick release makes channel swapping easy
  • Works for most channels that use brass clips

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Item #: 01-14M  MPN : 1345

$10.90 - $11.65

This is an obsolete Item

Material Selection

2 options available.

Complete with a foam grip and nylon handle.

This Ettore Ledge Eze handles offer a quick-release connection to the channel

The Neck is curved to easily reach over deeper ledges and window frames.

Ettore Quality is evident in this a great Handle for deeper sills.

The Ledge-Eze Handles was designed with extra reach to remove the hassle of reaching deep ledges and larger window frames.

    • Great for deep ledges and larger window frames.
    • Foam grip for better handle when soaked
    • Quick release for faster channel switch

Ettore Ledge Eze

Stainless or Brass Backplate

IMAGE Quick Release Lever for Easy Channel Changes

Channel hold Classic Channels

Item #:01-11M

$5.20 - $13.65

Item #:01-12M


Item #:01-13M

$11.10 - $16.65

Item #:01-1113
Regular Price: $12.05