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Gardiner Angle Adaptor QuicK-LoQ Resi-Neck 1Std

Quick Overview

  • Combine with an extension pole to use tools and brushes in hard-to-reach areas features Quick-Loq connections for easy swapping and a secure hold to the brush
  • Can be combined with other adapters to create more unique angles
  • Great gooseneck for high and hard-to-reach jobs Set and lock in 13 different working angles
  • Suitable for use with painting tools, window cleaning tools and dusters

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This is an obsolete Item

Angle Adaptor Quick-LoQ® Resi-Neck 1Std

Quick Loq Angle Adaptor Type 1

Water through the Adaptor design this isolates the brush connection from the pole hose
  • 5/16in PushFit push fit top connection 
  • 5/16in Stem base connection
  • 3.5 inch length of PVC hose to connect to the brush connector
    • Note:  If you are using with a Brush Extender or other add-on accessory (such as a Gutter Spike) you will need a longer length of hose 
  • Quick Release lever to adjust angle of the brush
Required:Innovative Quick-LoQ® Gooseneck System offers ease of use coupled with maximum adaptability

Maintenance recommendation: remove from pole every 2-3 months and clean connecting surfaces

Weight – 97g

Using a union to connect the angle adaptor stem to the pole hose.