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  • Gardiner Clamp Only


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Clamp Only

Quick Overview

  • Smart Clamp Technology with Nylon Clamp Material
  • V2 Clamping System prevents Lever Spinning
  • Patented Level and Clamping design
  • The most advanced WFP clamping system the Gardiner Smart-Clamp
  • This is the Clamp by itself, Lever sold Separately

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Item #: 155-42M

$14.40 - $27.40

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This is an obsolete Item

Gardiner Clamp Only

  • Gardiner Smart Clamp - Comprises clamp body only
  • New v2 - prevents spinning levers
  • Designed to operate easily & reliably throughout the pole's entire life
  • Hi-Tec components designed to aid reliability, ease of use & maintenance
  • Please note this clamp body does not come with glue.
  • To fit Gardiner Section Sizes #1 - #14