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Gardiner Single Jet Holder Connector Quick-LoQ

Quick Overview

  • Connects to the the gooseneck at the top of Gardiner Poles
  • Provides an Additional Quick-Loq adaptor to attach a brush or scrubber
  • Ideal for spraying chemicals or pure water over the brush
  • Use with or withourt a brush or scrubber attached
  • 1/4in Pushfit style connection to Jet Capsule

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Single Jet Holder Connector Quick-LoQ

Sprayer Nozzle snap on Adaptor for Gardiner Pole goosenecks

  • Connects to any Quick-LoQ Male gooseneck
  • Allows for any single Jet Capsule to be fitted
  • When used with the Stem Enlarger 1/4 stem to 5/16 socket (optional) allows a standard 5/16in pole hose to be connected directly to the jet
  • Allows any female Quick-LoQ socket to be connected such as a brush or abrasive pad holder
  • Ideal for spraying chemicals over the top, additional pure water spray, whatever you need ...
  • Uses Jet Capsules for changing out the delivery sprayer

Single Jet Sprayer is Versatile

5 different Jet Capsules to choose from

With Enlarger Installed to allow 5/16 Standard Pole Hose  

Jet Capsules in 5 Styles

2 Fan Jets for Chemical Spraying

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