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  • Gardiner Tape Telescopic Joint Indicator 30ft
  • Gardiner Tape Telescopic Joint Indicator 30ft Image 1


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Tape Telescopic Joint Indicator 30ft

Quick Overview

  • Restore the Joint Indictor to your Water Fed Pole
  • Used to wrap around a pole section to indicate when to stop extending the pole
  • Add a physical stop feel while extending the pole
  • Tougher, stronger & longer lasting than standard PVC insulating tape
  • When replaced routinely, aids longevity of pole sections

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Item #: 152-143  UPC : 00669893023314



 Available Late July
This is an obsolete Item

Tape Telescopic Joint Indicator 30ft

Used to wrap around a pole section to indicate when to stop extending the pole, acts as a "stop" indicator when the taped section of the pole reaches the clamp

Replacement PVC joint indicator tape for CLX, SLX, Super Max or Xtreme poles.

FAQ: -

Why does the section keep extending past the stop indicator tape?

This tape is designed to act as a positive indication of the joint stopping position (in addition to the visual overlap markers). If pulled hard enough it will extend out, however this will be felt by the operator, thereby acting as the stop-indicator. When the tape is worn this may happen too easily so to prevent this, either adjust the clamp bolt up slightly tighter (checking that the section still slides easily) or replace the stop-indicator tape with new tape, applying slightly more tape in its place.

Why do the sections have overlap markers as well as tape?

This is to provide maximum user-convenience and pole safety. At no point should a section be used over-extended, past its safe maximum. The overlap marker also acts as a visual guide if a user has worn out the stop-indicator tape and has failed to renew it as part of their ongoing maintenance. Some users like to remove sections in use and the overlap marker gives a quick visual guide on where to clamp.

Why does each section have a wrap of tape at the base of each section?

This is added to the base of each section to help improve the wear on the sections. Please replace when worn as part of your servicing routine.