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  • Gardiner Ultimate Section Extension Pack


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Ultimate Section Extension Pack

Quick Overview

  • Extends the 63ft Gardiner Ultimate Telescopic pole to 74ft
  • Adds 11ft to the Pole, attaches to a #12 Section
  • Keeps the pole Telescopic in Use
  • Can Easily be Removed from the Pole
  • used after the #10 to #12 Ultimate Extension Pack

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Item #: 155-4BM

$1,169.45 - $1,870.40

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Gardiner Ultimate Section Extension Pack

  • Fully telescopic extension add-on pack
  • Fits to the Ultimate 63, 12 section pole to turn it into a 74ft pole
  • To achieve maximum rigidity with the Ultimate 46 and 63 poles, we only recommending adding the Ultimate extensions packs (#10-12 and #13-14) to these Ultimate poles rather than using our other extension packs
  • Can be fitted to any Gardiner 12 section pole and adds 11ft to the pole's extended length
  • Insulated Handle Section has been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
  • Weight = 1240g
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Numbers - UK - GB2512390, Europe - SP2784335, China - ZL201310301256.1