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Gardiner X3 Xtreme Extensions

Quick Overview

  • It comes with an Xtreme Pole Replacement Sections
  • It has a High Modulus Carbon Fiber Construction which provides extra strength
  • It Includes Gardiner Smart Clamp with Lever System which makes it easy to apply & remove

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Item #: 155-4IM

$233.30 - $469.90

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Gardiner X3 Xtreme Extensions

Gardiner Xtreme Pole Replacement Sections 

High Modulus Carbon Fiber

Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Serial Number GB2512390

  • Complete Lever System
  • An End Cap fitted

X3 Xtreme 25, 35, 44(ext) & 47 - Carbon Replacement Sections.

Each section features matt carbon surface finish, colored overlap indicator, taped joint-stop and nylon Smart Clamp assembly.

Replacement sections fit the X3 - Xtreme Poles.

Please note: these sections are not compatible with the Series-II Xtreme Poles

Please note: if you are looking to extend a current pole you can buy a suitable extension section which comes complete with end cap on.