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GH Washer w/30 Mesh Screen

Quick Overview

  • Keeps dirt & debris out of pump
  • Prolongs Water pump life
  • Clear filter bowl to see when screen needs cleaning
  • Simple twist off bowl, easy installation & disassembly

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Item #: 74-2214  UPC : 00669893040250  MPN : 9.804.016.0



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This is an obsolete Item

GH Washer w/30 Mesh Screen

Manufacturer Part Number: 9.804.016.0

Item Code:74-2214
CATEGORIES:GH Washer w/30 Mesh Screen

UsageFaucets, showers, hoses and other sanitary wares

1. To improve the water quality.

2. Easy to clean: this filter washer is single filter mesh, it is easy to clean after use .

3. Healthy for life: Material is food grade and recyclable material, it also can reuse many times. .


Filter Cap can be used in petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filter, fuel refueling equipment filter, water treatment equipment filter, pharmaceutical and food processing field etc.