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Graffiti Safewipes pack of 250 Wipes

Quick Overview

  • Safewipes graffiti remover wipes will remove all types of graffiti markers, spray can paints, overspray, scuff marks and grime from painted and smooth surfaces.
  • Graffiti Safewipes will remove: Spray Can Paints, over-spray, felt pens, Magic Markers,Crayons, Ballpoint Pens, Scuff Marks, Grease and Grime
  • Remove Graffiti from Walls, Signs, Bathroom Walls, Post Boxes, Commercial Buildings, Road Signs, Signal Control Boxes, Playgrounds,
  • Remove Graffiti from Windows, Playgrounds, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Bus Stops, Plastics, Glass and Acrylics.
  • Fast acting, non-damaging formula encapsulates and suspends graffiti and other marks so you can wipe away easily without smearing / smudging or re-depositing into coated surface

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Graffiti Safewipes 250 Wipes

Graffiti Safe Wipes from World's Best Graffiti Removal are a specialized cleaning product designed to effectively remove graffiti from various surfaces. Here's a description of Graffiti Safe Wipes:

Graffiti Safe Wipes are a convenient and efficient solution for tackling unwanted graffiti vandalism. They are specifically formulated to safely and effectively remove graffiti from a wide range of surfaces, including walls, fences, signs, and other commonly targeted areas.

These wipes are designed to be user-friendly and offer a portable and on-the-go solution for graffiti removal. Each wipe is pre-moistened with a powerful cleaning solution that is capable of breaking down and lifting graffiti materials such as spray paint, permanent markers, and other common types of graffiti mediums.

The formulation of Graffiti Safe Wipes takes into account the need to protect the underlying surface while effectively removing the graffiti. The wipes are engineered to be non-abrasive, ensuring that they do not cause damage or discoloration to the surface being cleaned. This makes them suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete, plastic, and painted surfaces.

In addition to their cleaning effectiveness, Graffiti Safe Wipes are designed with environmental considerations in mind. They are often formulated to be biodegradable or environmentally friendly, minimizing their impact on the ecosystem.

To use the wipes, open the container and remove a wipe, and gently scrub the graffiti-affected area. The cleaning solution on the wipe will work to dissolve and lift the graffiti, allowing for easy removal. Depending on the severity of the graffiti and the surface being cleaned, multiple wipes may be required for complete removal.

Graffiti Safe Wipes from World's Best Graffiti Removal offer a practical and efficient method for removing graffiti. With their specially formulated cleaning solution and non-abrasive design, they provide a convenient and effective solution for graffiti removal, allowing for the restoration of clean and unblemished surfaces.

After clearing the graffiti, we recommend you use the After Wipes to finish cleaning off the residual smear and debris.