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Harness Ektor XL Kong

Quick Overview

  • Durable harness with plenty of support and storage features
  • Lumbar support with comfortable leg straps
  • Fast buckles allow for easy wear
  • Many gear slots to hold everything you need

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Item #: 96-938  UPC : 8023577029467  MPN : 8W9965000KK
This is an obsolete Item


- Wide waist belt with high cut for maximum support of the lumbar 

- Comfortable padding on the leg loops, for maximum comfort in prolonged use 

- 2 wide lateral gear loops 

- 5 rear slots to fix isolated gear that allow you to fully customize the layout of the equipment, facilitating the identification 

- 4 fast buckles on waist and legs, for effective and immediate dressing 

- Sternal and dorsal fall arrester attachment points 

- Ventral attachment point for the progression on rope 

- Lateral and foldable positioning points made of aluminum alloy, which reduce the possibility of snagging when not in use