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HiFlo Soap Dispenser Unger

Quick Overview

  • The Unger HiFlo Soap Dispenser can be used in combination with a Pure Water system to help with problem windows or windows that have never been cleaned with Pure Water before.
  • The Unger HiFlo Soap Dispenser had 3/4" garden hose fittings on both ends.
  • Perfect to lifting stubborn dirt and greasy residue from heavily soiled surfaces
  • Simple connection to standard garden hose & Easy to refill and adjust concentration

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Item #: 66-200  UPC : 761475623964  MPN : HCDUS



 Available Early June
This is an obsolete Item

HiFlo Soap Dispenser Unger

  • The ideal accessory for Unger's HiFlo CarbonTec & HiFlo Advanced waterfed poles.
  • It can be used with other watered pole systems as well.
  • The practical solution for heavily soiled glass surfaces, awnings, signs, etc.
  • This accessory releases controlled amounts of soap solution directly into the water flow, increasing cleaning effectiveness.
  • Connects to standard green hose with durable, rust proof brass connections.
  • Tightens securely in place to maintain water pressure and prevent leaks.
  • Refill cap easily twists on/off for easy filling.
  • Large-diameter neck makes adding soap a simple, clean process.

Soap control dial with 3 settings:

  1. Position 1 - Dispenses Soap is dispensed with water .
  2. Position 2 - Water only - Use when soap is NOT required.
  3. Position 3 - Off stops flow of water. For optimal cleaning results Unger recommends using Unger's Easy Glide Glass Cleaner.

The unit is designed to operate at approximately the 100:1 ratio. At the same time since it allows some amount of adjustment, the concentration ratio can be modified to suite the user’s individual preference.