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Hose 1/4in Blue Cover WFP

Quick Overview

  • This 1/4in hose offers a single Water Fed pole operator consistent flow while easily saving wight
  • Use this size hose to fit longer lengths on the 68-102 Cox Reel where 300ft of 3/8in fits the 1/4 in will be 500ft in length on the reel
  • Reinforced cover offers superior strength and durability while allowing easy deployment of the hose to your Water Fed pole
  • The brass 1/4in npt swaged on fittings are durable and can be adapted to fit reels and garden hose connections

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Item #: 150-0AM

$71.30 - $275.15

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Blue Cover Water Fed Pole hose for a single operator

Use this hose when you want a durable hose that is lightweight and flexible when running long distances

Generally this hose is used on a Cox Reel with lengths up to 500ft fitting on a 68-102 Cox Reel. 

Some Water Fed pole operators use the 100ft length in a coil as its super light weight and easy to coil with no memory.

  • 1/4in Hose Blue Cover with 1/4in npt fitting
  • Non-Marking Cover that is durable and flexible
  • Thermoplastic hose offers excellent temperature range staying flexible in the cold and usable when warm 
  • Operating range - 0 degrees to 140 degrees F
  • 300psi max working pressure
  • Includes 1/4" male pipe fittings on the ends

500 feet of 1/4 inch blue Water Fed pole hose on electric Cox Reel  68-102

(Reel not included)
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