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Hose 82ft w/Adaptor nLite Yellow

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  • High-pressure hose with quick connect hose adapter
  • 82 feet

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Item #: 67-2065  UPC : 761475645560  MPN : NL25G
This is an obsolete Item

Hose 82ft w/Adaptor nLite Yellow

This high-pressure nylon hose comes complete with a male quick connect adapter installed on one end, allowing you to attach it to a Pure Water system like the HydroPower Ultra. The other end will connect to your Unger HiFlo nLite Brush Connector Kit (U-NLHPC) or can be joined to additional lengths using the Unger HiFlo nLite Quick Connection Hose Kit (U-NLQUI).

Item #:67-2064
Regular Price: $121.00