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Hose Hi-Flow 1/4in ID

Quick Overview

  • Hi-Flow hose flows 50% more water than standard water fed pole hose
  • Dual-layer reinforced construction
  • Reinforced cover, 1/4in inside diameter, 3/8in outer diameter
  • Strong, yet Flexible, offers light weight with Durability
  • Reduces Hose Kink Blockages, keeps your water flowing Quality Water Fed pole hose in Safety Yellow

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Item #: 152-13M

$52.30 - $152.80

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This is an obsolete Item

Pole Hose Hi-Flo 1/4in ID  3/8in OD

Microbore Yellow Hose, Yellow twin reinforced construction 11mm outer diameter 6mm inner. Light, Strong, Flexible, Anti-kink.

High Quality Reel Hose - For use on a reel between the vehicle/water source and the pole hose

  • Flows 50% more water than standard 5/16in (8mm) Pole hose 
  • Yellow dual-layer reinforced construction 
  • 1/4in inside diameter, 3/8in outer diameter 
  • LIGHT - offers less fatigue while working
  • STRONG -Lasts longer than standard 5/16 pole hose in normal use
  • FLEXIBLE - Great Flexibility even in extreme conditions
  • ANTI-KINK -Resists reducing water flow when kinked, even when folded over tight

Make no mistake, this is not cheap imitation hose you can be confident of quality everytime!