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Kit ErgoTec Set w/Nylon Case Unger

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  • High-quality glass cleaning set features a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools, all located inside a convenient nylon carrying case

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Item #: 12-203  UPC : 761475605823  MPN : ETSET


 Available Early March
This is an obsolete Item

The Unger ErgoTec Window Cleaning Kit w/Case is full of high tech professional window cleaning tools from the ErgoTec line so that all the pieces work well together complement each other. All tools lock on to the pole tip of the included 8 foot extension pole to eliminate the fear of tools falling off while in use.

This kit includes the following items:

1x ErgoTec Squeegee Handle

1x 10 Inch Stainless Steel "S" Squeegee Channel

1x 14 Inch Stainless Steel "S" Squeegee Channel

1x 18 Inch Stainless Steel "S" Squeegee Channel

1x 36 Inch ErgoTec Soft Rubber

1x 14 Inch ErgoTec T-Bar

1x 14 Inch Microfiber StripWasher Sleeve

1x 8 foot 2-section OptiLoc Pole with Locking Cone Adapter

1x Plastic Squeegee Channel Clips with Case

1x 4 Inch ErgoTec Scraper

1x ErgoTec Safety Scraper

3x 16x16 Inch MicroWipe Cloths

10x Pack of The Pill Glass Cleaner

Everything comes in a convenient nylon carrying case complete with instructions, handles, wet tool compartment, and extra space for additional tools.

Window Cleaners love Unger Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Unger Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.