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Ladder Center 04ft Metallic

Quick Overview

  • 4 ft center section is easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Great for interior work where space is limited.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Works with Metallic Ladder mfg corp base and top sections
  • Stackable ladder sections with 1 foot of overlap and locking pins

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Item #: 72-161  UPC : 00669893038912  MPN : WC-4C-P



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This is an obsolete Item

Center 4ft 

Metallic Ladder Mfg. Corp.

Center Section Sectional Ladder 

Lightweight, easily transported and interchangeable. 4'

Metallic Ladder Window Cleaning Ladders are made up of  a bottom section, an upper section, and 1 or 2 center sections.

Sectional ladder stacked height is up to 21'  per manufacturer guidelines.

Ladder includes Locking Pins to keep sections attached.

When Calculating Height deduct one foot for each connection point due to ladder overlap 

Manufacture specifications state that a maximum of 4 Ladder Sections can be used to reach 21ft high. 

Item #:72-163
Regular Price: $420.35