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Ledger Handle Swivel 9in

Quick Overview

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Screw-On
  • Angle: Swivel
  • Use the ledger to reach over lintels and ledges.
  • window air conditioners and inside mullions.

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Item #: 45-05  UPC : 00669893031753  MPN : CTL-SWIV 09



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Ledger Handle Swivel 9in

This will save you a lot of ladder work! The Ledger is a big hit. Now you have a friend in high places. Use the ledger to reach over lintels and ledges, window air conditioners and inside mullions, over automatic door closers...even solarium roofs, green houses and atriums...all the way to the bottom of every pane...from the ground.

Ledgers are now made of anodized aluminum. Ledgers now come with backplate and hardware to hold channel. Channels sold seperately. *The Ledger works with most any style of channel that uses end clips (end clips hold the rubber in place). With every Ledger, we include the backplate, two nuts, and two bolts.*

Features and Specs

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Clip
  • Type: Screw-On
  • Body: Standard
  • Angle: Swivel

This squeegee (with swivel handle) extends 9 inches making it easier to reach hard to get areas.

It fits on the ends of most extension poles with a wooden pole tip and holds any squeegee channel with two screws.

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