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Microwipe 32x24 Ninja Pocket Towel

Quick Overview

  • Double-sided cloth, coarse for cleaning and smooth for polishing
  • Four scrub zones for extra cleaning power
  • Pocket corners for hanging the cloth on a pole for detailing at any height
  • Reinforced stitching along edges ensures retention of shape
  • Wash Cycles: 500

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Item #: 24-28  UPC : 761475647281  MPN : MN60U
This is an obsolete Item

32in x 24in cleaning towel, A great combination of Microfiber towel material and scrubbing power in the pocket corners. This cleaning towel is Ninja strong.

The 4 corner pockets allow for easy positioning on a pole or over your hand for cleaning in corners or on a pole above your head.

Microfiber towels are great for your cleaning and polishing tasks.
Often used with a foaming spray cleaner Microfiber is used to clean:

French panes (cutups)
Entry Door glass
Chandeliers and Pendants
as well as
Auto Glass and intertiors
Stainless Steel